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Welcoming you to your hair and beauty journey, Rachel, our enthusiastic Level 1 stylist, is thrilled to be part of your transformation! With a passion for vibrant colors, she shares invaluable tips and tricks to ensure your color not only lasts but remains vivid. Whether it’s haircuts, color services, or makeup (a personal favorite of hers), Rachel is eager to create a connection with you in her chair. Beyond her styling prowess, Rachel is a certified Wigs for Kids donation specialist, contributing to a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children experiencing hair loss. Your donations to Wigs for Kids play a crucial role in providing recipients with the self-esteem and self-image they rightfully deserve. Join Rachel in making a positive impact while achieving your desired look!

Rachel’s Work

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Favorite hair service to perform:

Highlighting services and all over colors


The product I could not live without:

Redken’s Quick Blowout


Where do you get your hair inspiration from:

Instagram and TikTok


If I could give my clients one good hair tip, it would be:

Double shampooing! It allows you to extend the life of your wash cycle.


When you’re not behind the chair you’re likely..?

Dog sitting


Zodiac Sign: